Two thousand and eleven was a very important year for the future of music. At the time, the heavily tattooed, Queens emcee, Matty Carter, was playing in a hip hop/blues project, and needed a leading female for his band’s newest video. Mutual friends brought him to hand pick the eye catching, female drummer, Ariel, to be his leading lady. What he was not expecting, however, was to meet his future musical counterpart.  The chemistry onset between the two could not be ignored, and the two made plans to meet up and write music together under their newly formed song writing team, the Young Kings. These early collaborations caught the attention of writer/producer Josh Silverberg (EMI) and the group was invited down to record at his Red Red Studios, in Nashville, TN. In one week, the duo wrote and recorded 8 songs that were quickly picked up by Sony/ATV for licensing contention in film and television. After some encouragement, Matty Carter and Ariel decided to take the Young Kings to another level and at that, the group Matty Carter & Ariel was born. In 2013, the duo sold all of their possessions and relocated permanently to Nashville, TN to be closer to Red Red Studio. During this period of extreme struggle, Matty Carter & Ariel created a dense music catalogue crossing over genres of rock, pop, and hip hop. Their music can be heard in television shows such as Black Ink Crew, Desperate Housewives, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and WWE Raw. In 2014, the group moved back to New York with the goal of performing live and creating visuals for all of the music they had created the previous year. Drug use has surrounded Matty Carter’s entire life.  The night he was conceived, his parents did an 8 ball of cocaine, and while most children spent their childhood on a play ground, Matty Carter unknowingly was spending the ages of 7-12 in a heroin den, being baby sat by a hit man. Forged from a history of hardship, fighting, and partying, Matty Carter’s music and career reflect the dichotomy that his life has been. His music documents everything he has experienced, from adversities as a child, like his father starting an illegal business that put his family in turmoil, and growing up surrounded by drug abuse and tragedy. By the time Matty Carter had turned 21, he had seen more people in coffins than most do in a lifetime.   Despite being directly affected by the violence of his surroundings, Carter remained thoughtful and soft spoken. He made a conscious decision early on that he would never succumb to his environment.  Even if that meant losing everything and being alone, he would not follow that same destructive path he witnessed so many people in his life go down. Music began to serve as a comfort and escape from every day life for Matty Carter, and he spent hours of his teenage years writing songs on his piano. He soon took his songs on the road and spent years touring in various bands. Ariel’s love for playing drums began when she was just six years old. Born and raised in NY, Ariel immediately began studying under a private teacher, perfecting her technique and learning how to read music. It became apparent to everyone around her that she possessed a rare passion and drive to make her mark as a professional drummer. As a teenager, Ariel entered the New York State Music Adjudicators Association NYSMAA competitions for snare drum and jazz drum set. In her first year of eligibility, she achieved All State honors by receiving perfect scores on both her snare drum and drum set auditions. She was then selected as the number one pick in New York to perform in the All State Jazz Band, beating out thousands of competitors. This achievement came as no easy feat, as it marked the first time in New York State history that a female won the competition for drum set.  While Ariel was mastering snare drum and jazz drum set in school, she was also pulling double duty, performing in various rock/pop/experimental bands outside of school. Some of her bands shared the stage with national acts such as Motley Crue, Bruno Mars, The Script, Lil Wayne, and Lil John. She also spent a great deal of time in recording studios, appearing on numerous compilations and recordings. Ariel was awarded multiple music scholarships from Hofstra University and it was at this time that she began studying under drum greats Frank Bellucci and Al Miller. Ariel has toured the U.S. numerous times, including playing drums in the opening act on the Plain White T's ("Hey There Delilah") 2008 summer tour. Ariel has played nearly every state in the US and at notable venues such as The House of Blues, Brooklyn Bowl, Bowery Ballroom, Giants Stadium, the Staples Center, and Highline Ballroom.  After joining forces, MC&A have become bigger then the sum of its parts. MC&A have formed partnerships with several urban apparel labels, and are currently collaborating with Singapore’s top street wear label, Flesh Imp, on their own capsule collection. The pair can also be seen in magazines internationally, in publications such as Tattoo Kultur, and Urban Ink. MC&A are known for their high energy, captivating live performances, and have a universal appeal.


MC & A - "CRAZY"

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